History Repeats Itself

Let’s have a lesson in history. Who was it that said “Read my lips. I will not raise taxes if elected.” You guessed it. It was GHW Bush. The same campaign promise was made by the now governor of Maryland during the 2010 election campaign year. So what happened to that promise? Well, it is not even a year later after the re-election, and the word is out that a double tax proposal is being discussed and will be coming down the pike. It will be called the gas/ toll bridge tax, or something very similar. This will be a two-fold plan to take even more money out of Marylanders pockets in order to increase the gas tax and the toll bridges fees. Maryland is presently 25th out of the 50 states who pay the highest gas tax, but a 6% proposed increase on each gallon of gas would take us to the ¬†first , second, or third highest in the nation. This would certainly mean over $4.00 per gallon if not more with the average cost of gasoline being $3.50 per gallon.

Marylanders and small businesses can ill afford such increases on gasoline and bridge tolls. Many families and small businesses are already struggling in this poor economic environment and the new tax and fee hikes would likely drive them to the brink of either bankrupcy or in search of a more family and business friendly state. What part of NO to increases do these elected officials not understand. Some elected officials have been seen driven by their chaffeurs in big gas guzzling vehicles. Does this not affect them as well? Maybe not. Maybe the perks they enjoy are paid for by tax dollars or tax exemptions. Well, not all of them, but voters in Maryland need to pay close attention to who the elected officials are that vote for those increases that will no doubt stifle businesses and families who are trying to make ends meet. Why? Because this smells like more taxation without representation to this voter. And that too sounds more and more like history repeating itself.

As voters, we need to be awake and alert as to why, what, when and how our legislators are passing more legislation that will hurt the economy at a time in our history when more and more families and businesses are leaving the state of Maryland in droves. The statistics prove this to be true. Perhaps a little kick to pedestal is in order for some of these officials. They best be aware, because the sleeping bear in Maryland is awake and alert and will be watching.