Hispanic or Latino: When in Doubt, Lay it All Out

By Angelette Aviles

Written originally for The Americano’s Hispanic Blog Network

You will never completely satisfy everyone. Some Latinos get offended when you describe them as Hispanic and some Hispanics are offended when called Latino. Then you have others who get offended when you use either. Some prefer to be called Mexican-American, Dominican-American, Cuban-American, Colombian-American, and so on. Others prefer to be associated by their country of origin such as Mexican, Dominican, Colombian, or by region like Tejano or Nuyorican. Then what about Puerto Ricans given that they are Americans to begin with?

Some say we should be called Spanish Speaking-Americans, however many Hispanics (like 2nd and 3rd generation) are English dominant yet they are very in-tune with their Latino culture. Also, the term Spanish Speaking-American can then offend los gringos and some Hispanics who believe there should only be English Speaking-Americans or yearn for English to be the official language of the United States.

Could I confuse you anymore? Perhaps this will give you a better idea:

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