Welcome to the Maryland GOP Hispanic Coalition’s Website!

PLEASE RSVP BY OCT 19TH for  Oct 21st Kickoff of the Maryland GOP Hispanic Coalition.  The Featured Guest Speaker is Alex Mooney, the first Hispanic ever to be elected to the Maryland Senate, and currently the Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party.

Kickoff Flyer

Kickoff Flyer

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  1. O.p. Ditch says:

    Please help the MDGOP Hispanic Coalition mission. We are accepting any and all supporters, Hispanic and non-Hispanic. We need your help to get our message across to Maryland Hispanic Citizens. With more and more Hispanic teen aged citizens becoming voters, this is a very large voting block of potential voters in Maryland with inherent conservative family values. We need to teach them other conservative values and get them on board as Republicans. With the Hispanic as head of the MDGOP, Alex Mooney, we ought to be able to make some headway for 2012.

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